LearnimonLearnimonDesigned to disrupt corporate training

Did they learn it?

“Learnimon provides visibility to learning in the workplace”

Can they do it?

“Learnimon drives accountability for learning in action with frequent peer feedback”

Can you prove it?

“Learnimon enables all stakeholders to be updated on the progress of employee learning journeys”


Pure social

Micro first

Open Questions



Link any media type

Link content from any location

Any content type

Answer via video

Give feedback


Customisable gamification levels

How it works

Pure Social environment

Creating a social transparent eco-system that includes all levels of staff, internal and external stakeholders and even customers, provides your learners with a setting where they can thrive, while being continually inspired by the progress of others, frequent feedback and peer learning.

Traditional training or modern training design?

Learnimon will transform traditional classroom learning ( instructor / trainer led training ) by supporting the pre-workshop preparation and monitor progress post workshop, bringing greater visibility and accountability to the process. Moreover, more modern learning methods such as Blended Learning, Action Learning to Flipped Classroom can be designed and delivered entirely via the app creating a seamless, clear and measurable journey.

Customise learning path

When creating learning paths for trainees, Learnimon allows trainers the freedom to choose to design customized learning paths for each individual trainee or run a single template for the entire trainee group.

Design at ease

Easy to use and intuitive, Learnimon does not require any specialist knowledge, software or training to operate. Like with any other social media platform, simply upload content in the form of JPG, Video, PDF or Word Document and engage with fellow learners or trainers via likes, comments and feedback.

Give frequent feedback to shift behaviors

In order for learning to create impact and drive efficiency, there has to be knowledge application and behavior change. Learnimon facilitates this with its “Ask Feedback” feature, which enables continuous 1 on 1, 180, 270 and 360 feedback on behavior.

Learn many ways

Learnimon allows users, both trainees and trainers, to engage with content and interact with stakeholders through simple actions such as rating, evaluating, answering questions and liking or commenting on posts. The additional facility to respond to any post with video or photograph allows trainers and trainees to communicate with greater impact.

Built with learning sciences

Social learning

With SOCIAL LEARNING, trainees gain information, knowledge and inspiration for change through engagement with peers, sharing of experiences and building relationships that cater to mutual interests.


MICROLEARNING allows trainees to engage with learning, and learning validation, in short bursts of 10 minutes or less per day, in a format that is easy to consume, which enables them to learn and apply new knowledge or skills quickly.

Spaced learning

With trainees not retaining an estimated 70% of information by the end of a classroom session, research shows that SPACED LEARNING, where the learning is spaced and repeated over a period of time, has a higher rate of success with regards to rates of retention.

Blended Learning

The increasing practice of using of e-learning, independent study and technology to support and enhance traditional classroom methods is termed BLENDED LEARNING, creating more and more efficient ways to facilitate behavior change and knowledge gain.

Flipped classsroom

Turning traditional learning on its head, FLIPPED CLASSROOM allows trainees to gain knowledge outside of the classroom, and be prepared to experientially clarify and demonstrate the gained knowledge during the classroom session, which is followed up with a learning in action project.

Blooms taxanomy

“Before you can understand a concept, you must remember it. To apply a concept you must first understand it. In order to evaluate a process, you must have analyzed it. To create an accurate conclusion, you must have completed a thorough evaluation”

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No. It’s not. Traditional LMS are becoming a thing of the past in this age of mobile based social interactions. We did not want to enter yet another LMS to the market.

Then what it is?

It’s a social-first learning eco-system that can digitally facilitate any learning interaction. The interactions could be to enhance knowledge or to change behavior of a single trainee or a group.

Can it support Classroom/Instructor Lead Training (ILT) programs?

Yes of course. It can change the total outlook of your training design and support you in pre-workshop preparation and post-workshop follow up and re enforcement.

Can third party trainers be part of learning eco system?

Yes. You could invite any external trainers to be part of your Learning Eco-System (LES).

Does it support Blended Learning?

Yes. Its truly Blended friendly.

Can we run micro-learning programs?

Yes. It is designed around Micro-first learning philosophy.

Can we run multiple training programs?

Yes, of course. Our system is designed for scale. Any number of programs, of any format, with any number of participants can be run concurrently.

Do we have to pay for each intervention?

No. The cost is calculated by the number of active users required by the account holder, with each active user able to participate in as many programs as required without extra cost.

Can it work with my Intranet?

Yes. As long as the internal Intranet “log-in” protocols allow access to Learnimon.com

What about our existing LMS?

You do not need to discard any existing LMSs as any documents available on your current LMS can be integrated in to the system.

Do I have to invest a lot initially?

No. As it is a true SAAS (Software as a service) you will pay only for the active trainees at any given time.

What if we do not have content developers inhouse?

You do not need any complex Content Authoring Tools to utilize Learnimon’s features.